Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Conscience Off, Dick On?

Scenes of jubilation and delight at Fit Crit HQ this month as True Blood finally returns to our megavideos with its third series. Having packed Vampire Bill off to become mired in local politics, this one looks set to finally bring Eric to the fore. Behold Alexander Skarsgard, or The Point At Which The Human Race Reached Its Aesthetic Zenith.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: phwoar.

Glad to see the beyond fabulous, yahtzee-obsessed, taxman-hounded Queen making a return too, and more screentime for the gloriously catty lesbian vamp Pam too. Heck, I love pretty much every character in this, which is rare for a show with such a large ensemble, but the great writing gives us such gems as 'hell hath no fury as a vampire queen in debt' extends all the way down to the most minor of characters.

New style hero, obvs

That said, four episodes in to this new series and I do worry the show may be taking a turn for the torture porn, which seems a bit beneath it. Any idiot with a Hostel writing credit can pen ‘girl in underwear gets tied up/bitten/poked with something hot’- did we really need four instances of this in one episode? Bring back the biting social commentary! Last series they were pillorying the Religious Right, this time it seems to be “look- boobs!” A tad disappointing. But then they made Eric frickin' FLY, so conscience off, dick on, no?

Sparkle Vamp take note- this is the red-blooded woman / right-thinking man's slightly creepy nighttime visitation method of choice

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