Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Swimming Pool Library

Here at FitCrit we can hardly watch a queer-themed film without sighing: "The gays sure do love to swim."

Friday, 12 March 2010

Once you release a video, I gotta make some gifs

Gaga's video for Telephone came out today. Naturally it is incredible - and in a post-modern mise-en-abime we have come to expect from Gaga, the video already anticipated all our reactions. Hit it, B.

It's actually so dense and allusive that we will probably be teasing it out for months. For example, this nod to Michael Jackson - coming hot on the heels of the hint last week that she might collaborate with David Bowie sometime in the future - is one of many references to film, fashion and capitalism; both earnest and ironic.

So expect a long, tedious and pretentious analysis in the near future. But for the moment, just make like this chef and dance...

(Bonus gifs after the jump.)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Fit Knit

Sometimes I wanna live inside these knitting pictures. They are so comforting and anodyne; not trying to sell you a body image or a lifestyle - apart from the undeniable fact that French people are chic and cool.

The way they describe things is also fun. They really like bell sleeves, and darn-tootin!
The set-in sleeves are delightfully bell-shaped. All in all, the prettiest tunic yet.
Applied smocking on bell sleeves is the outstanding feature of this eye-catching two-piece.
There's something poetic about them.

Mother, May I?

This rather wonderful Victorian novel - Robert Surtees' Ask Mamma, or The Richest Commoner in England - advertises itself thusly:
IT may be a recommendation to the lover of light literature to be told that the following story does not involve the complication of a plot. It is a mere continuous narrative of an almost every-day exaggeration, interspersed with sporting scenes and excellent illustrations by LEECH.
Every day exaggeration? With sporting scenes? And no plot? WHERE DO I SIGN