Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Swimming Pool Library

Here at FitCrit we can hardly watch a queer-themed film without sighing: "The gays sure do love to swim."

When you start to think about the topos, it is everywhere. The films included in my supercut include: Mala Educacion, The Line of Beauty, Little Ashes, Brideshead Revisited, My Summer of Love, and J'ai revé sous l'eau - and perhaps a future version will also include Cracks and A Single Man.

Alas, we fitcritics are certainly not the first to notice it, since swimming is a cerntral theme of gay literature, from Alan Hollinghurst's The Swimming Pool Library to the many bathing scenes in E. M. Forster, and further, to the sun-drenched pools of Hellenic Greece.

In short, it's basically sex-substitute, similar to the train tunnel and wave-lapped beach of sixties films, but sadly without Gregory Peck.

(The background music is If I Were A Carp by Final Fantasy. Listen out for the lyric "He felt the icy grip" which times nicely with Emily Blount getting shoved in the water.)

The Swimming Pool Library from Shit Crit on Vimeo.</

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