Saturday, 24 October 2009

Daily Digest. Reading The Daily Mail. So You Don't Have To.

The Mail has the impertinence to ask of Ben Whishaw "Will he be the finest actor of his generation?"

To paraphrase my third favourite Scot, "Look at him: do you know what I mean?"

1. (Speaking of his childhood) "I wanted to be a black man. That's who I had to be. My dad rubbed cocoa powder on my face and fashioned a turban out of a bathroom towel."

So delightful! So inappropriate! So turbanical!

And while I'm still busy tying my turban and cracking open the Bourneville, Whishaw is ten steps ahead, making fitcrits all over the place:

2. "If Keats had been born in modern times, he'd have probably been a modern singer like Joy Division's Ian Curtis."

Finally, my favourite non-sequitur of the piece:
3. "I'm a decent dancer once I get going."

Hold me closer, tiny dancer.

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