Sunday, 28 February 2010

Vanitas Vanitatum

Snog, Marry, or Avoid may well be the cultural highlight of the decade, old or new. It has already given us the wondrous Scottish Barbie, and now it slouches towards Bethlehem to give birth to Clinton Earle.

I love the way these ladyfabulous men always come from Pontefract or Dundee: basically one-horse towns where they are bound to get the most attention, whether good or bad.

I also love that even though he makes a pretty feminine man, he is still sufficiently anally retentive to bring a change of clothing, and takes a bull-headedly practical approach to both slimming and kitchen implements. He's practically straight.

And although the image of squeezing himself into clingfilm recalled childhood nightmares of bear-face ham, my favourite moment was when Clinton Earle - I sense he likes to be referred to by his full name - announced "Straight men love me!" Here is a straight man showing his love:

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