Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Eskimo Roleplay

'The Woman Who Married Her Son's Wife', an Innuit tale from Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales. It contains many of my favourite things: casual lesbianism, miscellaneous seals and fake penises.

Once there lived an old woman who desired her son's pretty young wife. This son was a hunter who often would be gone for many days at a time. Once, while he was gone, the old woman sat down and made herself a penis out of seal-bone and skins. She fastened this penis to her waist and showed it to her daughter-in-law, who exclaimed: 'How nice...' Then they slept together. Soon the old woman was going out to hunt in a big skin kayak, just like her son. And when she came back, she would take off her clothes and move her breasts up and down, saying: 'Sleep with me, my dear little wife. Sleep with me...'

It happened that the son returned from his hunting and saw his mother's seals lying in front of the house. 'Whose seals are these?' he asked of his wife.

'None of your business,' she replied.

Being suspicious of her, he dug a hole behind their house and hid there. He figured that some hunter was claiming his wife in his absence. Soon, however, he saw his mother paddling home in her kayak with a big hooded seal. Mother and son never caught anything but big hooded seals. The old woman reached land and took off her clothes, then moved her breasts up and down, saying 'My sweet little wife, kindly delouse me...'

The son was not pleased by his mother's behaviour. He came out of hiding and struck the old woman so hard that he killed her. 'Now', he said to his wife, 'you must come away with me because our home place has a curse on it.'

The wife began to quiver and shake all over. 'You've killed my dear husband,' she cried. And would not stop crying. THE END.

Women! Typical, eh?

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