Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More Innuit Folktales

So I guess the previously posted Innuit story about incestuous-lesbianism is actually the rule rather than the exception. I give you:

'Tuglik and Her Grandmother'

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Once there was a big narwhal hunt to which everyone went but an old woman named Tuglik and her granddaughter Qujapik. The two of them were getting rather hungry, but they hadn't any idea of how to hunt for their food. Yet old Tuglik knew a few magical words, which she uttered during a trance. All of a sudden she changed into a man. She had a seal-bone for a penis and chunk of matak for testicles. Her vagina became a sledge.

She said to her granddaughter: 'Now I can travel to the fjords and get some food for us.'

The girl replied: 'But what about the dogs to pull your sledge?'

And so strong was the old woman's magic that she was able to create a team of dogs from her own lice. The dogs were barking and yelping and ready to go, so Tuglik cracked her whip and off she went with them to the fjords. Day after day she went off like this, and she would always return in the evening with some sort of game, even if it was only a ptarmigan or two. Once, while she was away hunting, a man came to their hut. He looked around and said:

'Whose harpoon is this, little girl?'

'Oh', said Qujapik, 'it is only my grandmother's.'

'And whose kayak is this?'

'Just my grandmother's.'

'You seem to be pregnant. Who is your husband?'

'My grandmother is my husband.'

'Well I know someone who make a better husband for you...'

Now the old woman returned home with a walrus thrown over her sledge. 'Qujapik! she called out, 'Qujapik!' But there was no Qujapik at all. The girl had gathered up all her things and left the village with her new husband.

Tuglik saw no point in being a man any more - man or woman, it's all the same when a person is alone. So she uttered her magic words and once again she was a wrinkled old hag with a vagina instead of a sledge.


Check back tomorrow for more Innuit mother-daughter strained relations!

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