Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Victorian Calling Card

Manifold Faces of Kurt Hummel partner-in-crime Jessica H and I have been musing on whether some Kurt themed mini-calling cards from Moo would be a good idea (we concluded in the affirmative).

But as our many hundreds of readers are no doubt aware, here at Fit Crit a good idea becomes categorically imperative. We therefore suggest - nay, demand - the return and rise of the Victorian calling card.

They are super fun and super practical, because in what other context can you leave people a card with a picture of your face and phone number on them? Think of the dating potential. For me, the calling card categorically proves that the Victorians were more prudent than prudish. Take this one for example.

I love this. First of all, the fate of black people in Victorian times is fascinating. Second, I'm intrigued by the fact that he he has such a modern face and hair cut. I also wonder whether that is a sailor suit or a traditional African shawl. Either way, excellent! The three-quarter profile is really interesting too, and his gaze is far from bashful or repressed. Frank but enigmatic.

Visiting cards were not just personal however, and represent an early form of viral advertising. Look at this funny one which I suppose takes a light-hearted look at colonial India.


Bringing back the calling card will also entail bringing back the silver engraved or Japanese lacquered calling card case. Needs must.

The first one is a bit too butch - although is it even possible for a calling card case to be too butch? Answers on the back of your calling cards please!

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